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Michael McMahon's legal expertise and talent is definitive. He will accomplish the best results in regards to the most complicated cases. I was extremely pleased with his representation. I highly recommend him!

Michael Dawson
Mike McMahon is a exceptional Attorney, very professional and reliable.  Answered all my questions ,I was at a lowpoint in my life over my case ,thought all was lost ,he told me not to worry that he would handle my DUI and he did. I highly recommend him.

Richard Boyle
Michael McMahon is the best criminal defense lawyer you can hire in IL/Chicago area. He can deliver unbelievable outcome, beyond what you can expect! I highly recommend him, and well deserved to get 5 star rating! He knows how to get the case dismissed, if not he is very capable of getting you the best outcome possible. He was a prosecutor and he knows how to deal with the pressure tactics from other prosecutors and I was amazed by his assurance, asked me to have patience and I followed his advise and he attained more than what he promised to me! He is indeed a busy lawyer, so you have to work with him patiently to get the best result, not a good idea to hurry up, if he advised you to be patient and delays things for good! Please follow his guidance and advise, I can assure you, he will get you the best possible result. 👌👌👌

Stevan Yuhas
Mike is professional and personable. He has beat or helped me get the best sentencing for any case I have hired him for. I have two cases dismissed and a felony that got knocked down to a misdemeanor solely because of Mike. His receptionist/assistant Patty is extremely kind and responds timely. I would feel confident referring McMahon law offices to anyone for any case.

Maggie Schmidt
This man is razor sharp and will get you the best possible results. Mike McMahon is single handedly the best defense attorney in IL. I had multiple concurrent charges 2 in the infamous dupage and 1 in cook county....just when I thought I was headed for the jail cell....he managed to pull off one the best defenses I've ever seen. He saved me and my family from destruction. I cannot thank him enough. If you want an attorney that will TRULY WORK FOR YOU. MIKE MCMAHON IS YOUR BEST CHOICE.

Tabatha Johnson
Mr.McMahon deserves more than 5 stars! He is the most kind, professional and efficient lawyer that I have ever met. He handles things in a timely manner and gets the best results possible. There's been a few times in my life where I needed a good lawyer and he was there when I called. I will forever keep his contact in my phone just in case, but hopefully I won't need it! I would definitely recommend Mr.McMahon to everyone, having a well respected and smart lawyer is one of the most important things when dealing with legal issues. I'm so glad he represented me in court and I am forever grateful for all he's done.Thank you Mr.McMahon! 🙏

Rylee Palko

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