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In Illinois, there are various ways in which an individual can find themselves facing property crime charges. Some of these offenses may appear relatively minor, such as petty shoplifting, while others, like intricate credit card fraud schemes, can involve complex legal proceedings and the looming threat of prolonged incarceration. Irrespective of the specific charges brought against you, a conviction for any property crime can have repercussions that may impact the rest of your life. Should you be confronted with property crime allegations, McMahon Law Offices is here to offer the legal representation you require, coupled with the personal attention you deserve.

Comprehending Property Crime Allegations

Property crimes encompass acts of obtaining unauthorized control over another person's property, including services, through fraudulent, deceptive, or otherwise illicit means. While theft is perhaps the most widely recognized form of property crime, there exists a broad spectrum of offenses within this category. Property crimes can encompass the following:

- Shoplifting and retail theft
- Burglary
- Robbery
- Trespassing
- Identity theft
- Credit card fraud
- Forgery
- Theft of services
- Theft by false pretenses
- Possession of stolen property
- Vandalism

The severity of property crimes can result in charges ranging from misdemeanors to felonies, contingent on factors such as the property's value, the location of the alleged offense, and the victim's status or the nature of the victim. Consequently, penalties can vary from probation and fines for less severe offenses to the potential for 30 years or more in prison for extremely serious ones. Moreover, like most criminal convictions, a property crime conviction can leave a permanent blemish on your record, potentially hampering future employment prospects and access to certain types of housing.

Seasoned Property Crime Attorneys.

For over two decades, the criminal defense attorneys at McMahon Law Offices have provided determined and responsible legal representation to clients throughout the region. When you choose our firm, you become our top priority. We make it a point to actively listen to your situation and your needs to gain a comprehensive understanding. It is our commitment to treat you with the utmost respect and honesty, even when the truth may be uncomfortable.

Each of our lawyers has a background as former prosecutors, and Attorney Michael McMahon continues to serve in that capacity for the village of Downers Grove. This extensive experience grants us insight into the strategies and methods that the state frequently employs when pursuing convictions for property crime charges. Consequently, we construct a defense strategy tailored to address the unique aspects of your case. At every juncture, we strive to ensure that your rights are fully protected and that the consequences for your future are minimized.

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