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If you are arrested and charged with a criminal offense, you may feel scared and desperate. With McMahon Law Offices working on your behalf, your case is in the hands of experienced attorneys who possess the knowledge, skills, and resources to build a strong defense. Our team includes former prosecutors and a former judge who know the tactics and techniques that prosecutors will use against you in pursuing a conviction. We bring more than fifty years of combined legal experience to help you with your case. Our team has achieved thousands of positive outcomes for our clients including cases related to:

Theft Defense Lawyers in Elmhurst

You may think that you will never require the services of a criminal defense attorney in Elmhurst, known as a welcoming community with low crime rates. But sometimes circumstances may spiral out of control, leaving you facing a potential arrest by law enforcement officers and even charges for a criminal offense. McMahon Law Offices possess formidable experience across a variety of criminal law areas including property crimes such as theft. Charges can range from simple shoplifting to the serious crime of stealing a car.

Regardless of the nature of the criminal charges against you, you will need the services of a lawyer who understands the laws and can identify options that will lead to the best possible outcome for you. If you are arrested for any type of crime, call McMahon Law Offices immediately. Otherwise, you may inadvertently make statements that could incriminate or damage your case. We will investigate the circumstances surrounding your arrest and identify any details that can be used in building your defense. If possible, we will work for a resolution that avoids a conviction and a criminal record, such as negotiating with prosecutors to reduce or eliminate the charges against you.

Elmhurst Attorneys Fight Drug Charges

McMahon Law Offices also represents clients charged with drug offenses. You might be under the impression that because Illinois has recently reduced penalties related to marijuana possession, consequences for other drug-related crimes have also become less severe. That is not the case. Possession and distribution of drugs such as cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamine can be charged as misdemeanors or felonies, depending on the amount of the drug in question. Our team will help you explore all of your options, including diversion programs and other alternatives to conviction.

Clearing Your Criminal Record in Illinois

Some people who have been arrested or convicted of a crime may be eligible to have a record expunged or sealed. Even a slight blemish on your record can cause problems when you are looking for housing or applying for jobs. If you are burdened with a criminal record, call McMahon Law Offices to inquire whether you are eligible for expungement or record sealing. Our attorneys can help determine your eligibility and navigate the paperwork for clearing your record.

If you would like to learn more about McMahon Law Offices and our dedication to serving our clients, contact our office. Call 630-953-4400 for a free consultation at McMahon Law Offices today. We are prepared to fight for your rights and deliver results. We serve clients in Elmhurst, DuPage County and Cook County, Illinois.

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