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The Truth and Consequences of Teenage Drunk Driving

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teenage drunk driving, DUI, DUI defense, DUI charges, DuPage County DUI defense attorneySchool is out for the summer, and this free time encourages teenagers to find methods to fill the gaps. Unfortunately, idle hands can breed mischief. One go-to time-consumer for many teens is socializing, and alcohol consumption is often incorporated. However, alcohol and teens do not mix well, under any circumstances. Moreover, underage drinking and driving can result in a deadly outcome. If fortunate enough to be stopped by a police officer before an accident occurs, the consequences may still be life-altering.

Illinois Zero Tolerance Policy

In Illinois, it is illegal to be under the age of 21 and operate a motor vehicle with any trace of alcohol in the bloodstream. This policy is is known as a Zero Tolerance Policy for Underage Drinking. Even transporting alcohol in the passenger seat of a car is illegal, regardless of ownership.

Penalties related to minors and alcohol include:

  • A one year suspension of driving privileges for transporting alcohol in the passenger seat;
  • A six-month suspension for refusing to take a sobriety test;
  • A three-month driving suspension for a BAC between 0.00 percent and 0.08 percent; and
  • A minimum of a two-year revocation of driving privileges if a BAC registers at 0.08 percent, or a BAC registers at 0.05 percent with proof of impairment.

Secondary Penalties

Most minors worry about their privileges being taken away if they are caught drinking and driving. Luckily, driving privileges are the biggest loss in this instance, because it has happened all too often that we lose lives instead. Therefore, penalties are far further reaching than suspension and revocation, including:

  • Potential parental liability;
  • Necessity to complete a driver remedial education course;
  • Insurance rate hikes (if they keep your policy at all);
  • Possible imprisonment; and
  • A maximum financial penalty of $2,500.00.

Your Future is at Stake

If you are a teen preparing to go to college and are submitting admittance applications, you likely remember the question asking if you have any convictions on your record besides minor traffic violations. To answer this truthfully as a "no," do not pay any citations and contact an attorney immediately. This may be the best possible opportunity to avoid a conviction.

If you are a college student already, you may face expulsion and denial of future employment should the judge find you guilty of your charges. You do not have to accept the penalties and put your future at stake because of a mistake.

If you are interested in discussing your case with a proven DuPage County, IL DUI defense attorney, contact McMahon Law Offices today. We proudly offer a free and confidential consultation discussing the details of your case. To take advantage of this offer, call us today at 630-953-4400.






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