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The Potential Penalties of Driving on a Suspended or Revoked License

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In the state of Illinois, a variety of traffic violations can result in a license suspension or revocation. While the severity of the suspension or revocation will depend on the type of offense, losing driving privileges is not as uncommon as many would assume. Most people have an understanding of the fact that major traffic violations such as driving under the influence of alcohol or reckless driving can result in a license suspension, yet few understand that minor offenses can lead to a suspension. If a driver receives three minor traffic citations for a moving violation in a span of a year, he or she could face a suspension. All that being said, it is essential to understand the legal ramifications of driving with a suspended or revoked license

Understanding the Legal Consequences 

Operating a vehicle with a suspended or revoked license is not a minor traffic violation – it is a criminal offense. A first-time offender is likely to face a Class A misdemeanor charge, which could lead to up to one year in prison and fines as high as $2,500. It should be noted that if a driver has lost their driving privileges due to a serious violation (such as a DUI), the charge may be elevated to a felony charge. If a driver is apprehended while driving on a suspended or revoked license for a second time, they will face Class 4 felony charges, which can result in up to one year of jail time and fines up to $25,000. 

Outside of the criminal charges, driving on a suspended or revoked license will also elongate the period in which you cannot drive. If you are convicted of operating a motor vehicle illegally while your license is suspended, your suspension will be extended by the same length as your original suspension. If you are caught driving with a revoked license, you will face an additional one-year revocation period. If you are a driver with a suspended or revoked license, you can regain your driving privileges in a limited capacity through obtaining a Monitoring Device Driving Permit (MDDP) or a Restricted Driving Permit (RDP). Violating the parameters of these permits will also result in serious legal consequences. 

Contact a DuPage County Criminal Defense Lawyer 

At McMahon Law Offices, our attorneys are experienced in defending clients in various traffic violation cases. We will work hard to make sure you avoid an initial conviction and ensure that you do not face a license suspension or revocation. If a suspension or revocation period is unavoidable, we will guide you through the steps of obtaining the appropriate permit and regaining your driving privileges. We will work with you through the process of understanding your legal rights of driving with an RDP or MDDP and help you protect your right to drive. To schedule a free initial consultation with a knowledgeable DuPage County traffic violation attorney, call us today at 630-953-4400. 







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