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Understanding the Ramifications of A DUI ConvictionThroughout the United States, hundreds of thousands of Americans are arrested for driving under the influence each year. In Illinois, more than 25,000 people are arrested for DUI on an annual basis. While driving under the influence of alcohol may be a common crime, a conviction can come with serious legal ramifications. Below, we will discuss just some of the ways that a DUI conviction can impact you. In the event of a DUI arrest, it is critically important to contact a criminal defense attorney that you can trust. 

How A Conviction Can Impact Your Life

When a person is convicted of DUI, the impact on their life can be severe. Recognizing this, it is paramount to work with a legal professional that will build a strong defense case in the hopes of ultimately avoiding a conviction:

  1. Loss of Standard Driving Privileges: According to Illinois state law, a first-time DUI offender will face a minimum license revocation period of one year. If the driver is under the age of 21, their license will be revoked for a minimum of two years. In Illinois, first-time DUI offenders may be eligible to regain their driving privileges after the installation of a Blood Alcohol Ignition Interlock Device (BAIID). The offender will be forced to pay for the BAIID as well as a camera system that will allow law enforcement officials to witness the driver testing their blood alcohol level. Prior to installation, the offender must also take part in a substance abuse treatment program or alcohol remedial education course. 
  2. Significant Financial Toll: There is no question about the fact that a DUI conviction is costly. A first-time conviction comes with a minimum fine of $500. The perpetrator will also be forced to pay court fees, as well as other expenses such as installation for BAIID devices mentioned above. Because the offender will have to go through court sessions and take part in a minimum of 100 hours of community service, a conviction can result in a significant loss of work time. 
  3. A Mark on Your Permanent Record: In Illinois, a first-time DUI conviction constitutes a Class A Misdemeanor charge, which will remain on the convicted party’s permanent record. Having a significant charge on your criminal record can impact your ability to obtain employment, housing opportunities, and secure loans. In short, the long-term impact of a DUI conviction can far outweigh the cost of the initial expenses.

Contact an Oak Brook DUI Defense Lawyer

Recognizing the manner in which a DUI conviction can impact a person’s personal well-being, our team at McMahon Law Offices is fully committed to fighting against your charges. Through thorough conversations with our clients and examination of the arrest process, we will work diligently to develop a defense strategy that can minimize the legal ramifications of the charge. To schedule a complimentary initial consultation with an experienced DuPage County DUI defense lawyer, call us today at 630-953-4400


How Your Attorney Can Assist You Post-DUI Conviction In Illinois, more than 25,000 people are arrested for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol on an annual basis. In some of these cases, an attorney can craft a strong defense strategy that will help their client avoid a conviction. These defense strategies can range from wrongful seizure to misdiagnosis of inebriation symptoms and, in some cases, can be incredibly effective. In other cases, a conviction is unavoidable. Below, we will go over just a few of the reasons why maintaining a working relationship with your attorney after a DUI conviction can be critical to ensuring a high quality of life. 

Appealing Your DUI Conviction

After your case has been settled in circuit court, it is common to feel hopeless if you have been convicted. In reality, it may be possible to appeal the outcome of the case to a higher court. Recognizing the fact that a DUI conviction can result in a significant mark on one’s criminal record and potential license revocation, an appeal can be the right decision in some cases. In the appeal process, a panel of judges will examine the evidence and determine whether:

  • The evidence was able to prove your guilt in absolution;
  • Any evidence was suppressed or should have been suppressed; or
  • The sentencing was excessive.

In order to provide yourself with a fighting chance throughout the appeal process, it is crucial to continue working alongside your attorney. 


IL DUI lawyerLooking forward to sunning on the beaches of Mexico, skiing the mountains of British Columbia in Canada, or touring the historic sites of Europe? Or perhaps you are required to travel abroad for work? Most countries love American visitors (or at least our dollars), so you just need a passport and a plane ticket, right?

Well, not always. Rigorous electronic screening takes place almost everywhere you clear customs these days, and many countries have criminal records sharing agreements with the U.S. If you have a DUI conviction on your record, you could be denied entry to some countries. Before booking your flight, you should check the travel and immigration section of the website of the country you plan to visit.

You might think our neighboring countries of Canada and Mexico would not care if an American vacationer had a DUI, but you would be wrong. Mexican border agents can refuse entry if you have a DUI conviction within the past 10 years. However, entry will likely be allowed if it was a misdemeanor conviction.


Illinois defense lawyerIt is now the holiday season, and everyone is making plans for the holidays. Whether the plans are for Christmas Day or New Year’s Eve, alcohol is often involved in the social gatherings. It is best to prepare for an evening of drinking by determining who will be the designated driver, or if share riding may be the best option. If you do not follow these options and are caught drinking and driving, you could face very serious consequences. However, if you have been charged with a DUI, then you may be able to reinstate your driver’s license.

When Can a Driver’s License Be Reinstated after a Suspension?

If driving privileges have been suspended, then those privileges can be reinstated after the statutory summary suspension period has ended. For the driver’s license to be reinstated, the offender must make sure that all other suspensions and revocations on their driving record are be cleared, pay a $250 reinstatement fee to the Illinois Secretary of State after the first offense, pay an additional $500 reinstatement fee to the Illinois Secretary of State for repeat offenses, and make sure the reinstatement of driving privileges becomes valid. Reinstatement will go into effect when the information is entered into the driver’s record in the Secretary of State’s office when the termination date has passed.


Illinois DUI lawyerWeekends are often spent having a good time with family and friends. When people attend social gatherings, alcohol is often involved. Even though many people make the wise decision to choose a designated driver who will safely drive everyone home, there are several others whose decisions are not as wise. People may “pregame,” or drink before a social gathering or event, which may include drinking and driving, and therefore illegally carrying alcohol in the car.

Consequences of Illegally Carrying Alcohol in a Vehicle

In the state of Illinois, it is illegal to carry or possess alcohol in the passenger seat of a car. It must be in the original container and the seal unbroken during transport. If a driver is caught illegally transporting alcohol in his or her car, then there will be a maximum fine of $1,000 and a violation on that person’s record.


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Illinois DUI lawyerA night out with family and friends can make for a great time. Alcohol can often be involved in the fun evening, but those who decide to partake in any alcohol consumption whatsoever must take into account the responsibilities that come after drinking. A few fun hours could, unfortunately, end up in a costly expense of a DUI conviction.

How Much Does a DUI Typically Cost?

One factor to consider when drinking at a social gathering includes the cost of driving under the influence. There are many consequences that a person could face when charged with a DUI conviction, especially in the financial sector.

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