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Driving Permits During Statutory Summary Suspension

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Illinois DUI attorneyThere have been far too many times where an evening of social gathering, fun, and laughter has turned into a night behind bars, as a result of drinking and driving. While the overall consumption of alcohol is not usually a cause for concern, drinking and then going behind the wheel is very problematic. During the period of statutory summary suspension, the offender may be able to obtain two different types of driving permits under strict supervision.

Monitoring Device Driving Permit

A first-time DUI offender who has not received a previous statutory summary suspension within five years, nor has been charged with drinking and driving in Illinois or in another state within five years, may be eligible for the Monitoring Device Driving Permit, or MDDP. The offender must have a Breath Alcohol Ignition Interlock Device, or BAIID, installed in his or her vehicle.

If the driver’s license is invalid, or if driving under the influence caused death or great bodily harm, then the offender is not eligible for the MDDP. He or she is also ineligible for the MDDP if previously convicted of reckless homicide or aggravated DUI that resulted in death. If the offender is under 18 years old, he or she is not eligible for the MDDP. The offender is fully responsible for the monetary costs of the MDDP and the BAIID.

Restricted Driving Permit

If the offender is under 16 years old, and his or her driving privileges are revoked, then he or she is not eligible for the Restricted Driving Permit, or RDP. To apply for the RDP, the offender may need to prove a financial hardship, provide current professional alcohol and drug evaluation, and provide proof of remedial education, if applicable. The offender must also appear before a hearing officer, with a required $50 fee upon application of hearing. If the offender has at least two alcohol-related incidents, then he or she must have a BAIID installed in the vehicle during the time of the RDP.

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