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Social Media and Alcohol

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Illinois defense attorneyOver the past few years, social media has been a main hub for all kinds of communication. Many social media platforms have had their privacy settings set to public so that anyone can see what the users have posted. During the massive evolution of social media, far too many users have abused these platforms and have gotten into serious trouble because of what was posted at that time. In the past, social media has often pinpointed dangerous drinking habits, including drinking and driving, underage drinking, and abusing alcohol overall.

Why Are College Students Displaying Dangerous Drinking Habits on Social Media?

College is a period of time where a young adult may go away to school to discover what life is really like outside of the home. When a student is feeling homesick, he or she may potentially engage in dangerous activities, including underage drinking, and driving while drunk. Oftentimes, college students may use references, such as “blacking out,” “getting wasted,” “getting smashed,” and “being drunk,” to name a few terms. There has been much evidence that many college students who reference dangerous drinking habits on social media are more likely to display drinking problems.

Social media allows everyone to share snapshots of their personal lives, but posting about dangerous drinking habits can lead to an arrest, as anything posted online can be evidence that the government can use as evidence to arrest and charge a potential offender. The government can also subpoena social media content that has already been deleted, and law enforcement can perform research on the offender’s social media account and look for any suspicious information.

Posting on social media can pose a huge risk to an individual’s criminal record if he or she is involved in any dangerous drinking activity.

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The abuse of social media has led to many arrests, especially with dangerous drinking habits. Being charged with driving under the influence is very serious, and it may affect your overall quality of life, including future employment opportunities, relationships with family and friends, and your ability to drive and maintain a vehicle. If you or someone you know has been charged with a DUI, you can count on McMahon Law Offices for effective legal representation. For a free initial consultation, please call an Oakbrook Terrace DUI defense attorney at 630-953-4400 to discuss your case. We are also available in the evening and on the weekends.





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