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Reinstating a Driver's License after a DUI Conviction?

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Illinois defense lawyerIt is now the holiday season, and everyone is making plans for the holidays. Whether the plans are for Christmas Day or New Year’s Eve, alcohol is often involved in the social gatherings. It is best to prepare for an evening of drinking by determining who will be the designated driver, or if share riding may be the best option. If you do not follow these options and are caught drinking and driving, you could face very serious consequences. However, if you have been charged with a DUI, then you may be able to reinstate your driver’s license.

When Can a Driver’s License Be Reinstated after a Suspension?

If driving privileges have been suspended, then those privileges can be reinstated after the statutory summary suspension period has ended. For the driver’s license to be reinstated, the offender must make sure that all other suspensions and revocations on their driving record are be cleared, pay a $250 reinstatement fee to the Illinois Secretary of State after the first offense, pay an additional $500 reinstatement fee to the Illinois Secretary of State for repeat offenses, and make sure the reinstatement of driving privileges becomes valid. Reinstatement will go into effect when the information is entered into the driver’s record in the Secretary of State’s office when the termination date has passed.

When Can a Driver’s License Be Reinstated after a Revocation?

There is a chance for a DUI offender to reinstate his or her driver’s license when driving privileges have been revoked. In order to do this, he or she must make sure his or her driving record has been cleared, go through a drug and alcohol evaluation and complete a drug and alcohol remedial education program, appear before a Secretary of State hearing officer, prove that he or she will not cause danger on the roads when the driver’s license is reinstated, file proof of financial responsibility, pay a $500 reinstatement fee, and pass the driver’s license exam, with the application fee being paid.

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Being charged with a DUI is serious, as it could drastically affect your employment opportunities, driving privileges, and car insurance rates, but you may have an opportunity to redeem yourself. If you or a loved one has been charged with driving under the influence, then you do not have to fight the legal battle alone. At McMahon Law Offices, we understand the DUI laws, and we are ready to help you with your case. Call an Oak Brook DUI defense attorney at 630-953-4400 for a free consultation. We are also available during the evening and weekend.




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