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Most Illinois DUI Arrests Are Made By State Police

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Oak Brook drunk driving defense attorneyAccording to an annual report on DUI arrests in Illinois, law enforcement efforts remain one of the most significant deterrents to drunk driving. The Alliance Against Intoxicated Motorists (AAIM) has been producing this report for over 25 years in order to highlight the efforts of individual police departments and specific officers. 

Illinois State Police Make the Largest Number of DUI Arrests

According to the latest AAIM report, the Illinois State Police make more than 5,000 DUI arrests each year. They get credit for making the most arrests of any law enforcement agency in the state, in part because they employ more than 1,700 troopers. However, when you consider the ratio of DUI arrests per sworn officer, the State Police ratio of three arrests per officer per year is well below the arrest rate for several county and city police departments. Still, anyone thinking about drinking and driving on the interstate highways should think twice, because there is a good chance of being caught by a state trooper.

Several DuPage County Cities Rank High in DUI Arrests

You might think that the city of Chicago, with over 12,000 sworn officers, would also have a large number of DUI arrests. However, the opposite is true. With just under 2,000 DUI arrests per year, the CPD makes just 0.1 arrests per officer per year.

Several DuPage County cities are far more active in making DUI arrests. Notably, the Lombard police department has shown a significant increase in DUI enforcement over the past few years. In 2017, Lombard made 313 DUI arrests, a ratio of 5.5 arrests per officer. This was a large increase from the 206 arrests (3.2 per officer) in 2015 and 233 arrests (3.5 per officer) in 2016.

Aurora has also stepped up DUI enforcement, making 336 arrests in 2017, though that amounts to just 1.1 arrests per sworn officer. Still, this was a big jump from 253 arrests (0.9 per officer) in 2015 and 234 (0.8 per officer) in 2016.

Carol Stream seems to have reduced either its incidence of DUI or its enforcement, as it has reported a significant decrease in DUI arrests over the past couple of years. In 2017, 291 arrests were made, just 4.9 per officer. This was down substantially from 464 arrests (7.6 per officer) in 2015 and 305 arrests (5.2 per officer) in 2016.

Naperville also reported a decline in DUI arrests. Whereas the city police made 369 arrests in 2015 (2.2 per officer), figures dropped to 312 arrests in 2016 (1.9 per officer) and 271 arrests in 2017 (1.6 per officer).

Oak Brook ranks fairly low on the ranking of Illinois cities for DUI arrests with just 45 in 2017 (1.1 per officer). Oakbrook Terrace ranked even lower with 31 arrests (1.6 per officer).

Overall, DuPage County ranked 20th out of 57 counties with 64 arrests made by county sheriffs and an extremely low ratio of 0.2 arrests per officer.

Hire a Former Prosecutor to Help You Beat a DuPage County DUI 

Whether you have been arrested by a city police department, county sheriff, or state trooper for DUI, there is a reasonable chance that they made some type of procedural error that could result in your case being dismissed. A knowledgeable DuPage County DUI defense attorney can explain your options and help you understand how to achieve the best outcome in your specific case. Call McMahon Law Offices at 630-953-4400 for a free consultation. 



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