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Examining the Most Probable Causes for a DUI Traffic Stop 

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Examining the Most Probable Causes for a DUI Traffic Stop When a police officer is patrolling the streets at night, they are on the lookout for all types of criminal activity. While surveying other drivers, they are most cautious of inebriated drivers. While a police officer may presume that almost every driver on the road at 2 a.m. is possibly under the influence, they are not able to pull over a driver for a traffic stop without a legitimate reason. Below, we examine the most common reasons why people are pulled over for DUI traffic stops.  

Likely Reasons for a DUI Stop

Once a police officer has pulled you over, it is likely that they will be looking for signs of inebriation. While you are not legally obligated to engage in conversation with the officer (simply offer them the necessary documents they need to process your driving information), the officer will be able to gather further information regarding your potential levels of intoxication, simply based on coming into contact with you. For instance, an officer will immediately look at a person’s eyes, smell their clothes and breath, and listen for signs of slurred speech. Because this process of gaining evidence can be critical in a DUI arrest, it is important to understand that a police officer is not legally allowed to pull you over unless you are violating traffic laws.  

The most common reasons people are pulled over in DUI traffic stops include:

  • Swerving from lane to lane;
  • Erratically changing speeds; and
  • Failing to comply with traffic signs (stop signs, traffic lights, etc.). 

A person can also be pulled over simply because of a vehicular issue that has nothing to do with their current operation of the motor vehicle. For instance, a person can be pulled over for having a license plate that has not been renewed, windows that are tinted to too dark of a color, or a non-working light that is impacting the safety of themselves and other travelers. While a person can be pulled over for any number of reasons, if an officer pulls you over for no reason at all, your attorney can argue that you were unlawfully seized. 

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