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Examining Common Misconceptions of DUIs and Alcohol Consumption

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Examining Common Misconceptions of DUIs and Alcohol ConsumptionA majority of the adult population in the U.S. consumes alcohol on a somewhat regular basis. Unfortunately, many people elect to drive after they have been drinking. Throughout 2017, more than 27,000 people were arrested on DUI charges in the state of Illinois. In other words, law enforcement officials are increasing surveillance and other tactics to fight the drunk driving crisis. There are a number of misconceptions related to the implications of a DUI conviction and alcohol consumption in general. Below, we will examine these misconceptions and explain their invalidity. In the event that you are charged with driving under the influence, you need to seek out quality legal representation immediately. 

  1. I Drank Some Coffee: It is not entirely uncommon for a person to have too much to drink and still want to drive home. In these instances, people regularly grab a cup of coffee, eat some food, or hop in a shower to prepare themselves for the drive. Many people believe that these tactics expedite the process of sobriety. In reality, the only thing that can make you sober is letting an appropriate amount of time pass. You may feel sober after your shower or coffee, but you still may be legally intoxicated. 
  2. I Will Not Lose My Driving Privileges: With the sheer amount of people that elect to drive drunk each year, it is safe to say that people underestimate the implications of a DUI conviction. Many people believe that a DUI charge will simply result in fines and legal fees, and that life will go on per usual. In truth, a DUI conviction can cost you your driving privileges. According to the Illinois Secretary of State’s Office, 91 percent of drivers arrested for driving under the influence lost their driving privileges because they were eligible for license suspension or revocation. Even a first DUI conviction can result in a one-year license revocation. For drivers under the age of 21, Illinois’ no tolerance policy results in an automatic license suspension. 
  3. I Did Not Drink That Much: While people enjoy going to the bar to watch their favorite team play or going to a restaurant for a romantic dinner and a few glasses of wine, it is important to know one’s personal limit. There are a number of factors that can impact a person’s level of impairment, including the person’s gender, their environment, their weight, the amount of food they have consumed, their alcohol tolerance, and their mood. Even if your friend has drunk the same amount as you, you may not both be experiencing the same level of intoxication.

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