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The Consequences of Driving under the Influence in Illinois

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Illinois DUI attorneyAmericans often resort to alcohol and other means of relaxing after a long and hard week filled with responsibilities. Although many people drink responsibly and take into account the potential consequences of drinking and driving, unfortunately, not everyone considers those outcomes. Anyone who is found driving after consuming any amount of alcohol could face very serious consequences that might impact their everyday lives and activities.

Conviction Variables of DUI in Illinois

The first conviction of a DUI is a Class A misdemeanor, with at least one year of revoked driving privileges.

The second conviction is also a Class A misdemeanor, with required imprisonment for five days or 240 hours of community service, revoked driving privileges for a minimum of five years for a second conviction within 20 years.

The third conviction, considered an aggravated DUI, counts as a Class 2 felony, revoked driving privileges for at least 10 years, and suspension of vehicle registration.

The fourth and fifth convictions count as Class 2 and Class 1 felonies respectively. Both convictions count as lifelong revocation of driving privileges and suspension of vehicle registration.

Other Serious Consequences of DUI

Even though someone may not have the face the most serious consequences of a DUI, the conviction itself will unfortunately stay on his or her driving record permanently. The offender may even lose work time after the conviction with no way to make the hours up.

Before driving privileges can be reinstated, the offender must take an alcohol/drug evaluation and remedial education course or treatment program. For three years, the DUI offender must carry high-risk auto insurance, and his or her vehicle registration will be suspended.

The offender’s vehicle will be impounded if he or she committed a DUI during the time of suspended or revoked driving privileges for reckless homicide. The vehicle will also be impounded if the offender did the following:

  • Committed a third or subsequent DUI;
  • Committed a DUI without auto insurance coverage;
  • Committed a DUI without a driver’s license or permit; and
  • Committed a DUI with a previous conviction of reckless homicide, aggravated DUI with death, or great bodily injury.

Contact Your DuPage County DUI Defense Attorney

Alcohol can be used at social gatherings, lounges, and other parties. However, everyone needs to understand the consequences of being behind the wheel after consuming any beverages. At McMahon Law Offices, we understand the Illinois law and will help you with your case. Attorney Michael F. McMahon has over 25 years of experience in the DUI defense practice and has the vision to give his clients the best experience possible. If you been convicted of a DUI, please call a skilled DuPage County DUI defense attorney at (630) 953-4400 to get the assistance you deserve.





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