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Developing a Relationship with Your Attorney in a DUI Case 

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Developing a Relationship with Your Attorney in a DUI Case The ramifications of a DUI conviction can be life-changing. A first-time DUI conviction is a Class A misdemeanor in Illinois, which can lead to a significant fine, potential jail time and a mark on one’s criminal record. Outside of the immediate legal ramifications, the conviction can hinder one’s ability to land employment, housing opportunities, or loans. Recognizing the manner in which a person’s life can be impacted by a DUI conviction, it is incredibly important to hire a quality attorney. Once you have hired an attorney you can trust, it is time for you to begin developing a relationship and working on your DUI defense strategy. 

Working With Your Lawyer

In order for the attorney-client relationship to work to its greatest potential, the two parties must be in lockstep throughout the trial process. In order to develop a comprehensive defense strategy that will help you secure minimal legal punishment, you must be willing to work with your lawyer in the following ways:

  1. Be Honest: Working with your attorney is like speaking with your doctor. You want to provide your doctor with the most accurate information possible, in order for them to evaluate you properly. In legal instances, you need to provide your attorney with an accurate depiction of the events that led to your arrest, in order for them to develop the right defense strategy. Being completely transparent can be a difficult step to take but is an incredibly important one. 
  2. Focus on the Details: As your attorney goes over the events centering around your arrest, it can be helpful for you to bring out the details of the arrest process. Did the officer read you your Miranda rights once you were taken into police custody? What was the driving offense they cited for pulling you over? Do you have allergies or a medical condition that could have lead to a false diagnosis of inebriation? As your attorney prepares their defense strategy, the details can be the difference between winning and losing. 
  3. Trust the Process: As you approach your court date, you should understand the importance of remaining cordial and professional. If you lash out in court or make irrationally aggressive decisions, you could jeopardize the entire case. Remember that the trial process is not about your attorney, but about you. Your actions can make or break the likelihood of avoiding a conviction.  

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