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Consequences of Failing a Field Sobriety Test

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Illinois DUI lawyerA drink or two of alcohol can be a great way to spend time with family and friends. In order to ensure the best quality of life possible, it is best to decide how to safely navigate traveling from the social gathering back home. If caught drinking and driving, the person affected may face very serious consequences, especially if he or she fails to submit to a chemical field sobriety test. If the person actually fails a field sobriety test, once submitted, then he or she may face charges as well.

Consequences of Refusing to Submit to Chemical Testing

Refusing to submit to a field sobriety test or chemical testing can end in unwanted consequences. If the person commits a first offense of refusing to submit, then he or she will lose driving privileges for one year. However, the offender may be eligible for driving relief and will be given a Monitoring Device Driving Permit. Once the person is issued the MDDP, then he or she will only be allowed to operate vehicles with the Breath Alcohol Ignition Interlock Device installed, unless exempted by employment, and the offender must comply with all MDDP rules and pay all BAIID fees.

Consequences of Failing Chemical Testing

Failing a field sobriety test or chemical testing can be grounds for outcomes that would not be in the offending person’s favor. If this is the first time that he or she fails the testing, then the person will lose driving privileges for six months but may be eligible for the Monitoring Device Driving Permit. If this is the second or subsequent offense within the course of five years, then the person will not be allowed to operate a vehicle for one year.

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