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A New Way to Test for Drugged Driving in Illinois

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Illinois DUI lawyerJust recently, there has been a novel way for law enforcement to determine whether or not a person has been driving after using drugs. To test for alcohol in the system, the standardized breath test is often administered. Then, if the driver who was pulled over had been drinking before going behind the wheel, he or she may be charged with a DUI, which could cause undesired consequences, such as lost driving privileges, loss of the vehicle, or even lost employment opportunities.

What Is This New Test?

Drunk driving is often very obvious to detect, with the slurred speech and the smell of alcohol on the driver. However, if the driver has been using marijuana, prescription drugs, and heroin, there are other ways that these drugs must be detected.

The newest and potentially most effective method includes law enforcement obtaining a swab of saliva, initially after the voluntary agreement of the driver. The sample is then inserted into a mobile testing instrument that detects the presence of drugs and quantity.

Carol Stream law enforcement is the first in Illinois, and one of the first nationwide, to test the new drug detection method, as Carol Stream is widely known for its aggressive enforcement of DUI laws. Carol Stream law enforcement will begin to ask drivers suspected of driving under the influence if they are willing to submit to a saliva sample. The results will then be compared to blood tests to see if they are, in fact, accurate.

When Will This Test Be Allowed in Illinois Courtrooms?

As of right now, this drug detection method is only a test. There is much anticipation that the method will be put to work by February 2018, and will only be on a trial basis, as the swabs are not admissible in court as of yet. Law enforcement will need to prove to the courts that this testing system is consistent, reliable, and accurate, according to scientific forums.

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