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Attorneys Fight DUI, Drug and Weapons Charges in DuPage County, Illinois

If you have been arrested for a crime in Bloomingdale, IL, you may feel desperate and frightened. Lawyers at McMahon Law Offices have achieved thousands of successful outcomes for our clients, and our firm has more than 50 years combined legal experience. You will have a team of defenders who are committed to putting their knowledge, experience and skills to work on your case.

Our practice areas include drug charges, assault & battery, traffic violations, violent crimes and firearms and weapons charges. At McMahon Law Offices, we are ready to build an aggressive defense no matter what charge you are facing.

Delivering Results on Criminal Cases in Bloomingdale

A routine day can quickly become a nightmare when a law enforcement officer interprets your actions as illegal. Getting pulled over for speeding can transition from an inconvenience to a serious situation if police spot a weapon in your vehicle or if they suspect you of possessing illegal drugs. Your next argument could set off a conflict in which punches are thrown. You might have a conversation with someone, only to have police arrest you on suspicion of soliciting prostitution, resulting in sex crime charges that will blot your record.

Being arrested is a jarring experience. You may not know how to act or what to say. That is why it is crucial that you contact McMahon Law Offices at once if you are under investigation or arrested on criminal charges. Otherwise, you run the risk of inadvertently making statements to law enforcement officers that could incriminate you or damage your case. Our team is dedicated to protecting your legal rights. Lawyers at McMahon Law Offices fully understand the law and are prepared to provide the representation you deserve. Our firm consists of former prosecutors and a former judge who know the tactics prosecutors sometimes use to pursue a conviction.

Criminal defense lawyers at McMahon Law Offices have successfully helped many clients deal with misdemeanors and major felonies. Our attorneys possess experience defending clients facing a wide variety of criminal charges. These include:

-Sex crimes such as prostitution or soliciting a prostitute can leave an individual with a permanent criminal record.

-Property Crimes can range from misdemeanors, such as retail theft, to felonies such as large-scale credit card fraud.

-Expungement may be possible for some arrests and convictions on your record. Our attorneys can assist with clearing or sealing your record.

They will communicate honestly and clearly with you throughout the process. Depend on our team to build a strong defense against the charges in your case and to achieve the best possible outcome.

Bloomingdale, IL DUI Defense Attorneys

You might think that you will never require the services of a criminal defense law firm in Bloomingdale, IL. Unforeseen circumstances sometimes result in criminal charges. One of McMahon Law Offices' areas of practice is DUI defense. A conviction for driving under the influence can lead to severe penalties which include suspension of your driver's license, steep fines and jail time. Our attorneys understand the severity of DUI charges and the potential consequences. We are prepared to defend clients in various types of DUI offenses, such as misdemeanor DUI, drugged driving and multiple DUI or other felony DUI charges.

Call a Bloomingdale Defense Lawyer

To learn more about our services, contact McMahon Law Offices in Bloomingdale, IL. Call 630-953-4400 for a free, confidential consultation. Lawyers at McMahon Law Offices know the fine details of the law and are prepared to deal with a wide range of criminal charges. We serve clients in Bloomingdale, Illinois, DuPage County, Cook County and surrounding areas.

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